Wednesday, March 11, 2015

CEREC Same Day Dentistry - Best Buckhead Dentist in Atlanta

CEREC Same Day Dentistry - Call (404) 477-3060 or email Conventional dentistry requires multiple visits for most dental procedures. With the CEREC technology, the best Buckhead Dentist in Atlanta, Dr. Warren, can digitally scan your teeth and design a metal-free restoration with precision in minutes. The esthetic characteristics such as color and luster can be adjusted before the final restoration is permanently secured to your tooth. With CEREC same day dentistry, you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable temporaries, multiple visits and time off work. Buckhead Dentist Dr. Warren can get you in and out of her dentist office quickly, while still delivering high quality results that last. Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry 3098 Piedmont Road, Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30305 T: 404.477.3060

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