Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Determining your SEO Needs

Most businesses are still in the dark on what exactly they need when acquiring SEO services. If your business is looking at acquiring SEO services, you must first determine what you really need through the following factors:

Your Current Performance

How has your business website been doing in the past years? Knowing your site’s conversion and traffic trends, and other pieces of analytics data, can give a clear picture on how you can improve on your internet marketing campaign through SEO. For instance: if you’re seeking to mend a negative trend, a more in-depth SEO campaign is in order. This can also give you an idea of how much you’re expected to spend on your SEO campaign.

Your Business Goals

Your overall goals for your business is what matters most when acquiring SEO services. From increasing brand awareness and increasing conversions to gaining local visibility and fixing a Google penalty, each has its different strategy needed and will work best.

Your Resources

These aren’t just your financial resources; are there enough people on your part who can contribute to your SEO campaign? Paint a realistic picture of your current internal resources for this. For instance: if your SEO campaign needs you to keep a blog running but you don’t have people to create content, you might want to rely on your SEO provider to do so.

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