Thursday, November 20, 2014

Understanding Google Penalty is Crucial

If you’re using SEO, Google algorithms must be a big deal for you. Algorithms are programs that Google uses in ranking websites to provide internet users with great search experience. It’s your site’s adherence to Google’s algorithms that keeps your site ranking in the search engine giant’s first three SERPs.

Your SEO strategy is making you rank favorably in SERPs, but it’s also likely the same strategy that will cause you to get penalized by Google once it rolls out changes and finds your site violating the algorithms. Some of the common violations include link buying, excessive reciprocal links, duplicate content, internal 404s, and keyword stuffing.

You will know when your website is already penalized if it starts to lose ranking, meaning, its ranking plummets from the first page to the tenth, or even further. It’s also likely that a penalized website will immediately be removed from Google’s cache overnight. Simply put, if all your marketing strategies are no longer working, there’s a chance that Google has already penalized your website.

Such a decision by Google can be reversed depending on the violation. One way is asking Google to disavow the links that are harming your website or causing it to commit violations. If you want to end the problem altogether, however, consider removing those links yourself using a disavow tool. The penalty may be lifted after that but you will still have to wait for some time before your site gets back on the first or second SERP.

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