Monday, November 17, 2014

Social Media Marketing: A Worthwhile Investment

Social media is still a fresh form of communication. Some marketing experts dismiss it as a temporary fad (although they acknowledge that it is a powerful medium), but statistics show that investing in social media is profitable and worthwhile. The top social media networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, each have at least 200 million active users; imagine a business having the capability to reach out to millions of potential customers online. These numbers only make social media marketing a necessity for any business.

 Social media marketing promises a host of benefits, including increased brand recognition, greater inbound traffic, and reduced marketing cost. Studies have shown that companies have reduced the amount of time they spend on internet marketing to six hours because of social media. By getting a professional digital marketing team handle a company’s social media marketing campaign, the potential of a huge ROI is within reach.

Social media is a marketing platform that enables business owners to engage people more while marketing their products and services in a manner that other online marketing strategies cannot accomplish. Businesses can connect with their target market more effectively by initiating discussions on forums, allowing both companies and customers to share their thoughts. Moreover, social media has made customer services better, because companies can respond to customer feedback and concerns in a timely manner. 

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