Friday, December 19, 2014

Mistakes an SEO Firm Can Help You Avoid

Search engine optimization may seem easy for someone with sufficient knowledge on the subject. Any SEO practitioner will tell you, however, that it is also easy for one to make mistakes that could significantly drop search engine rankings. This is why you need an SEO expert who can help you avoid these pitfalls. Here are some of the mistake that you can make:

  • Too many low quality links. One of the often-touted laws of SEO is that links are good – and they are in many ways. Links to your site means that more people are being exposed to it. Links can also increase the trustworthiness of your webpage.  However, it is not only users but also search engines that judge the trustworthiness of these links. Too many links to dubious sites can drag down your rankings instead of raising them. An SEO expert would know credible links to ensure you get the right result.
  • Bad web design. Most people assume that having a site is enough for marketing purposes. SEO firms know better: search engines notice if your website is poorly-designed. The more difficult it is to use and the slower it downloads, the less traffic it will generate.
  • Poor content. People will want to visit your website if it contains interesting information. Badly written articles, blurry pictures, and other content flubs ensure people won’t come back for a second or so visit. Pro SEO agencies can provide your site with well-made content that makes your site stand out.

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