Monday, December 29, 2014

Tweaking the Social Media Blueprint

Many business promotions activities nowadays will have some sort of social media marketing strategy implemented. Such work, especially when placed in the hands of Atlanta social media marketing companies, is aimed at bringing a large raft of users over numerous social media websites to your business at the click of a button. Still, even if you have a moderately working SMM game plan in place, you will need to improve certain aspects to land better results.

It’s all in the timing
Some marketing experts believe that determining the times when most people are online will help better chances for exposure. A popular data analytics website stated that the best window for a Facebook-based campaign for people on the East Coast, for example, will be just after lunch hour to as late as 4pm EDT. Factor this in your clocks if your company is in the West Coast or the Rockies.

Right Platform, Right Message
Check your special media accounts for the proper messaging avenues; you cannot afford mismatches. For instance, Instagram and Pinterest can work when your products are about food or clothes. For more formal business connections, LinkedIn may be the better fit.

Sending more email

Email still has a place in creating an SMM campaign. If you have a feedback section on your website, you may require the customer to post name and email address. Add a checkbox for those who would like to receive further company updates.

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