Monday, July 6, 2015

The Importance of Videos in Effective Atlanta Social Media Marketing

If you are a business owner from Atlanta, GA who has discovered the potential of using the Internet to drive customers to your products or services, you likely know that search engine social media marketing is key. The current algorithms of search engines attract a large amount of attention to videos, so local webmasters and business owners may benefit from incorporating them into their marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing

The average search query on Google will prompt a results page that consists of 55% videos. Of these videos, 82% will come from YouTube. This should be a good reason for you to not only create videos, but to also use YouTube as your platform. When linked to your business website, a YouTube channel can serve as a means to continue your social media marketing campaign.

Video Content

Experts from social media marketing companies like YEAH! Local will tell you that you shouldn’t rely solely on advertisements if you’re going to use videos to promote your business. Consumers tend to be put off by direct advertisements, so you should produce videos that provide useful information or send a meaningful message.

Google also rewards sites that present meaningful information with higher search engine rankings, so this can be beneficial from various avenues. Some alternatives to direct advertisements include instructional videos and forms of entertainment. If you have a rare outlook or industry advice, you can also share your perspective on news events and occurrences from within your industry. Unique video content will attract followers and potential customers.

Be Creative

You can open up your possibilities if you think of your videos as works of art instead of hard advertising. For example, creative short films can drive a diverse number of visitors to your site due to their appeal to people both in and outside of your industry. This expanded appeal will increase your number of potential customers and clients and drive traffic to your site. Aside from the pure business benefits, these creative videos will brand your company as original and a notch above the rest of the competition.

Facebook Videos Do Not Help SEO

If you are considering using Facebook’s video platform to promote your business or website, do not do so in place of YouTube. Instead, use both platforms simultaneously. Facebook’s block on Google search engine crawlers ensures that videos published on Facebook are not visible on Google results pages, so if you choose to use only Facebook for uploading videos, you are eliminating a large amount of potential viewers. Let social media marketing experts help you secure the largest audience possible and help your business grow.

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