Monday, July 20, 2015

Why Social Media Vids Matter

Many a business have taken to publishing videos that show information about them and their product/service. When that video is published over social media networks or channels, it has the potential to go viral as long as certain social media marketing steps are taken. 

Unique Touch 

You shouldn’t rely solely on advertisements if you’re going to use videos to promote your business. Consumers tend to be put off by direct advertisements, so you have to produce videos that provide useful information or send a meaningful message. You can open up possibilities if you think of your videos as works of art instead of hard advertising. Aside from the pure business benefits, these creative videos will brand your company as original and a notch above the rest of the competition.

Facebook Videos Are Not Enough

If you are considering using Facebook's video platform to promote your business or website, do not do so in place of YouTube. Instead, use both platforms simultaneously. Facebook's block on Google search engine crawlers ensures that videos published on Facebook are not visible on Google results pages, so if you choose to use only Facebook for uploading videos, you are eliminating a large amount of potential viewers.

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