Friday, September 12, 2014

Mining for Keywords, Climbing for Rankings

Keywords are among the prime elements in any Atlanta search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Some experts contend that typing them will help filter out the search results you need. What if some keywords you are aiming for are so common that millions of results pop up in the space of time it took you to read this sentence? You will need to steel yourself for some keyword research work.

One way to get going is to headshed with your partners and assemble a list of keywords that are based on your products/services, your target market, and their interests. You will have to think about the potential keyword combinations or phrases the customer may probably enter into a search engine bar. A review of your own website also helps craft up the keyword combinations.
For example: say you’re running a radio-control car shop and a customer is looking for vintage Kyosho Mega electric motors. Typing that keyword will bring up nearly 240,000 hits, but adding phrases for their specific platforms will limit the choices, like ‘buy Kyosho Mega 12X2 in Atlanta’.
Your SEO specialist may assist using online keyword research tools. They will sift through your choices and identify the keyword phrases that have somehow been largely ignored by the competition. You can then apply them to the content and mate it to the right landing pages on the website.

A set of well-researched keywords can make a good difference in making your business’ pages stand out from the pack. 

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