Friday, September 26, 2014

How to Make Proper Use of Social Media in Business

Interacting online is no different from relating face to face except that customer service may or may not respond. Considering that more than seventy percent of customers who complain expect an immediate reply, not responding would be like putting a caller on hold. If they truly value the customer’s business, then marketers should treat social media customers like they were speaking to them personally.

Seeing is engaging

Research has shown that tweets with images get 200% more engagement than those with just text. The attention span of most internet visitors has been likened to that of five-year-olds who are easily distracted. That could explain why everyone likes to look at pictures.

Timing is everything

By staying on top of current events, clever marketers will ride on the popularity of trending or viral subject matters without calling attention to themselves. Hence, it pays to think first before tweeting, especially if the viral event is a natural disaster or national tragedy.

Not all social media is the same

It isn’t wise to assume that online visitors use one social medium. Hence, it’s definitely not a good idea to take the “one size fits all” approach. Marketers shouldn’t be cutting and pasting content. You should be tailoring content for each channel, and giving the impression that real people are running the show, not bots.

Atlanta social media is the best way to talk to customers and reveal your brand’s personality. This could make or break your business, so proceed with caution and sensitivity. 

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