Monday, May 4, 2015

Atlanta SEO services: Seven Tips to Give Your Site a Good Ranking

Everything on the Internet is constantly changing—some websites are deleted, others are boosted up search engine results pages, most are frequently updated with new content, and search engine algorithms are improved regularly. This is why when it comes to search engine optimization of Atlanta business websites, owners and SEO professionals alike can’t afford to keep things stagnant and leave their site the way it was set up years or only months ago. To boost your site’s search engine friendliness as well as boost your luck in search engine results pages, here are seven tips you have to bear in mind: Put the consumer first. Google is prioritizing reader and user experience—and so should you. When you’re tempted to carelessly insert keywords in content or go lazy in web design, know that major search engines can now penalize sites for irrelevant content and poor user experience.

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