Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Using LinkedIn and Slideshare for Marketing

Ask any five online business operators about what social media accounts they operate and chances are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram are on the top of the list. Did you know, however, that LinkedIn and Slideshare are also as critical in Atlanta social media marketing strategies as the above? With that in mind, here are four ways to improve your Atlanta social media marketing efforts via LinkedIn and Slideshare: 

Your LinkedIn profile

The key to LinkedIn optimization is to ensure that your entire profile is completely filled out while placing emphasis on including your identified keywords and phrases organically. Meanwhile, at the top of the description field, key in your most important keywords and phrases, then separate them with a symbol such as a comma. Limit text to approximately 100 characters (including spaces and symbols) for maximum effect.  

SlideShare Assets

When you build an attractive and well-researched presentation that also uses organically-placed keywords, you drastically boost the SEO of your SlideShare presentation and make it easy for people to find. Be sure to include your target SEO keyword in the title, as it is one of Google’s most important ranking signals. Include your main keyword in the description and the Tags section.

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