Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ensuring Every Keyword is on Target

In search engine optimization, keywords are often a high priority in helping content rank well in a field of search results. New methods of detection, however, require a different approach to ensure they can raise the content’s visibility, particularly with the help of Atlanta internet marketing services. 

Proper Placement

In the past, keywords were most effective when placed in the main parts of your webpage. First, there is the page title; search engines look at this first and having your most important keyword there makes the site easy to index or classify. Another great keyword location is the header tags in your article. Like the title, having a keyword here ensures that your site is indexed by search engines.

Another place for your keywords to appear in is the meta descriptions of your site pages, which tell users what the page is all about. Having a keyword placed here increases its chances of getting a higher ranking. Finally, your URL may require a keyword to be incorporated into it. Use it in such a way that your page’s content is obvious to prospective visitors.

Working with Search Engine Algorithms

Positioning and placement are just part of properly utilizing keywords. The other aspect of keyword usage is knowing how to adjust to the algorithms that search engines use. For example, Google’s Hummingbird update moved away from using keyword density as a basis for search engine rankings. Google now tries to figure out the user’s intent and give them what they want.

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