Friday, May 15, 2015

How Videos Help Online Marketing Efforts

There are times when lines of text are not enough to educate customers on the merits of a product or service. Images may not even produce the desired effect, thus leaving video as a necessary option. Using videos as an Atlanta online marketing tool can help you inform, entertain and even inspire your prospects. Video should be part of your content marketing strategy because:

It Drives Lead Generation and Qualification

Videos are a great way to showcase your products and services to potential customers. They’re also very easy to share, which opens up plenty of opportunities for you to reach new markets you’ve never reached before. While your videos may not go viral, they can help you achieve higher click-through-rates than traditional content.

It Nurtures Leads Optimally

People buy from businesses they trust. When you tell people your story, your values and your social involvement through video, you greatly increase your chances of doing business with them. After you’ve caught their attention, you can reel them in with elaborate customer testimonials, product demos and video case studies. Show how your products and services can benefit them and be specific about it.

You Can Easily Tell If It’s Working

You can easily tell how a buyer interacted with your video. You can tell how much it has been watched, how many seconds into the video was watched, etc. That much detailed information can help you craft the right approach when you follow up with the person.

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