Monday, June 29, 2015

How Social Media Marketing Can Generate Leads

Research conducted by LinkedIn indicates that three out of five businesses which implemented social media marketing gained new customers in the process. With more than one billion users on social sites, it is right to say that your business has many prospective buyers on these sites. The trick here is to identify leads that are relevant to your business. Below are tips that will help you to generate more leads from social media. 

Use Analytics
Great analytics will show which content is likely to get positive responses from customers. It also helps you to identify more target customers. With these information, you can restructure your strategy to ensure it responds to the needs of the market.

Identify the Right Platform
Social media marketing entails identifying the platforms where there are more active target customers. You can then concentrate your campaigns on such platforms.

Provide Value
Although social media is an effective platform for marketing your products and services, it cannot be used like a billboard. Giving your social media followers something they can use is important. This could start with updating quality content that is engaging, to offers that are meant to improve your followers’ lives. Consequently, you will get more loyal followers.

Personalized Communication
It is possible to create a messaging system where you can distribute information to your customers, individually. This strengthens brand loyalty because the customers feel their needs are catered for. Do not also take long to reply to inquiries and complaints posted by customers. 

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