Monday, August 10, 2015

Making the Website Go More Social

Social media websites are now an inherent and intricate part of today’s online society. More than a way to keep in touch with family and friends however, an everyday social media account can be used to improve a website’s search engine rankings. This is made possible by social media marketing. 

Optimized Content

Social media sites offer you the option of making your content searchable on Google. Once you’re able to open your social media accounts for searches, the next thing to do is to optimize your posts. This relies on pre-existing content—like an infographic, a video, or a link to an article—as an anchor to your post. 

Link Building

Google considers links on social media as higher-quality links because they have higher web authority from the start. Social media also encourages more external sites to link to the content you’re providing, and you’ll gain more authority when you gain more diverse external links. 

Amassing a Following

Pages that rank better in searches also have a lot of high quality organic followers on a social channel. These followers interact through your social media channels by retweeting or sharing your content, placing positive reviews on Google Plus, or even liking and commenting in your Facebook posts. Social signals like these tend to have a positive effect on a website’s SEO.

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