Monday, August 10, 2015

Video Boosted the Online Marketing Star

The easy proliferation of online videos—thanks to the advent of video-share websites like YouTube—gave businesses added potential to promote their services or products in simple, bite-sized clips. If video is something you’d like to incorporate into your marketing efforts, here’s a few bits of information you’ll need to know: 

Videos are the perfect medium for quickly getting your point across to your audience and expressing yourself in ways that you can’t do with text. You can even establish strong connections with your audience and stimulate lasting emotions, if done the right way.
Creating compelling videos can attract more attention as these are more likely to be shared by your audience than written blog posts. Thus, videos give you the opportunity to build relationships with new customers and expand your reach. Using video is an indispensable tool for online marketing, as it offers numerous ways to bring people into your sales funnel and hopefully turn them into potential buyers.

Your goal in creating videos shouldn’t be to “go viral”, but instead focus on getting your message across to a wider audience and hopefully drive higher numbers of shares than traditional content. You don’t need to be a film producer to achieve this, as you can use even simple, readily available tools like Vine.

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