Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Importance of Local SEO

Everyday more and more businesses are going online. It seems that business owners have finally understood that with the help of internet they can earn more and expand without making any significant investments. Now some people will say that this is true for only large corporations and organizations that already have some reputation in the market. But this is a misconception and in the following points we will explain why taking your business online, no matter how small it is, is going to be a profitable venture for you. We will mainly discuss about the need for search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO. SEO is exactly what small business owners need to succeed in the online space and as you read through the article, its importance will become apparent.

  • Small and local businesses can gain from SEO:

The number one fear that small business owners have is that if they go online they won’t be visible to the internet users. The fear is well justified as large businesses are well known to the general public. But there is something that you can do to make sure that you are visible to everyone on the internet. SEO, search engine optimization, will help you in gaining visibility on the internet.

  • Internet is making a shift towards local from global:

A decade ago, internet was all about going global with your business but the semantics have now changed. Now it’s more about bringing the benefits of the internet to local businesses by keeping the local principles in mind. This is where SEO kicks in. SEO will make sure that anyone who searches for something on a search engine is returned with the results of local businesses. A lot of local businesses have taken advantage of local SEO in Atlanta with the help of Atlanta local SEO.

  • More number of mobile devices have contributed to the growth of local businesses:

You must be aware that your smart phone has a GPS sensor in it. This GPS sensor is used to locate your exact position with the help of satellites. Now you might be thinking that what is the relation between the GPS sensor in your smartpphone and local business? Whenever you search something on Google, your location is transmitted to the search engine and a list of results containing links to local businesses is generated and presented to the user. This way internet and SEO help local businesses to grow on internet.

Justin Herring is the Founder and Head of Digital Marketing at YEAH! Local. A boutique agency in Atlanta focused on results and ROI with SEO and Content Marketing for our clients. Recognized as an SEO Expert, Speaker, and Trainer.

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