Friday, February 20, 2015

Atlanta Dentists Can Benefit From SEO Help

Dentists in Atlanta have to set themselves apart from their competition. One solution to this is to get the help of local SEO agencies. Here are some examples of how they can be of assistance:
Local Search Engine Optimization
­Like customers searching for restaurants, patients are also inclined to look for dentists within their residential area. Therefore, as a dentist, residents near your location are leading targets for patients. Having a website is the first step and getting proper local SEO is the next logical step. Instead of putting some generic phrase like “family dentist” or “sleep dentistry” try to use more specific keywords like “Atlanta general dentist”.

Video Marketing

Another medium to use for promoting your services is video. Videos can be an informative and creative way to get potential clients to notice you. The best thing about videos is that once you have uploaded them online, sharing them on social media and embedding them on your website will be a piece of cake. You can also put tags using targeted keywords specifically aimed at your target market in certain cities or states.

Reviews and Testimonials

Nothing brings in new patients like recommendations from others who have received dental treatments at your dental office. Reviews and testimonials play an important role in your reputation. More positive reviews mean more potential patients, so request or encourage your current patients, especially those who rave to your about their positive experience, to give testimonials and reviews on various websites like Yelp.

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