Monday, April 20, 2015

Market Research Through Social Media

When it comes to market research, social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are practical tools to use. You may already be doing it without knowing it, namely by reading comments and asking customers for input. These two information-gathering methods already constitute market research. 

Through social media, it’s possible for marketers to gain access to useful customer information in a short span of time, which may then be used to further marketing efforts, improve products and services and the like. Here’s how having solid social marketing can help:

An instant community

With social media, you have easy access to people who can provide quick feedback, which can significantly reduce the time needed for market research.

A channel for polling and surveys

Through polls and surveys on social media, you can obtain more targeted information that will allow you to more thoroughly explore your marketing campaigns.

An online focus group

With social media, you can pre-select followers and have them take part in a discussion. Through chat, you can have the participants interact with each other and gather important insights into your marketing efforts from the conversation.

Market research through social media can boost the effectiveness of an organization’s web strategy. Consult a leading web design company on how you can move your business forward with social media today.

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